The nickname sends a flicker of 
    pure disgust up his spine and his 
    mouth curls into a deeper scowl.

          “––You’re lying. You don’t help people.” 

"You know…”

The clown walks, his usual drag-footed walk
right up to the Bat—lightly pokes the center
 of that broad chest.

         ”You might as well paint all your little buttons
          bright red. Every criminal with half a brain can
          see ‘em. Though I’ll grant, that’s a shrinking market—
          'specially since Harvey died. Geddit?

He snorts, brings the back of his wrist 
to his nose, as if to check the sound.

        “I do so. Give you shit to do, don’t I?”




   ”Am I supposed to believe that?”

      “Oh, daddy, you can believe whatever you want.
       But uh…that melon of yours has a way of…
       attributing…ah…prejudgments against me. 
       For all you know, I could be here to help. 
       Could. happen, y’know.”

Happy Go Sucky Fucky
Die Antwoord
Azealia Banks


Hi everyone, I’m tentatively coming off hiatus. So, if I owe anyone else anything, please message me. :)

Rat Trap 666 (feat. DJ Muggs)
Die Antwoord
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